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Social Studies

Grade 4: Introduction to Geography

This course offers the young learner with a basic understanding of geography skills. Students will enjoy learning new geographic vocabulary while developing map reading skills.


Grade 5: Ancient Egyptian History

This course will help uncover the ancient history of Egypt that fascinated the world and remains to be the number one tourist attraction.


Grade 6: History of Egypt

After going over ancient Egyptian history in grade 5, students will continue to unveil the rich historical events from Coptic Egypt up till the time of Hosni Mubarak.


Grade 7: World History

The World History course for grade 7 is more of like a trip around the world. The students would study about different countries, different cultures, different civilizations, major historic events such as wars and revolutions.


Grade 8: Geography

Geography for grade 8 studies humans, areas of land, countries, cultures, physical features, environments etc., which is very useful since it helps in understanding such questions such as: how the world is divided, where each country is located, how the different countries are interrelated, what are the cultures in each country, why the physical features of the world are as such, etc.


Grade 9: World History

This course will take the students through the early civilizations preceding the modern world history. These civilizations pave the way for what will happen next in the modern world. Students will be exposed to the Empires of the ancient world, the roots of Islam/Empire of Islam, Feudalism, The renaissance, the Reformation and the scientific revolution, European rule and expansion and finally the Enlightenment.


 Grade 10: World History

This course is designed to highlight key periods in the development and history of the world. The course provides a basis for further learning and exploration. It covers ancient civilizations, which gives students the opportunity to understand the origins of civilizations and analyze how the world has developed. Through this course students learn to correctly identify trends, ideas, vocabulary, and establish a casual understanding of history.


Grade 11: Modern World History

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with a basic understanding of the modern world history and the relationship between countries. Students will be exposed to the reasons behind the current world order, the rise of super powers and their influence on our modern world. This course will enable students to acquire certain skills such as; analytical thinking, critical thinking, and how politics interrelates with history and how it affects the international community.


Grade 11: Business Studies

The course aims at giving the students an overview of the business field and what to expect if that will be their choice in college. The course starts with covering what is a business organization, types of business activities and major departments in any firm such as human resources, accounting, marketing, sales and management. Students by the end of the year should know the difference between working in the top management, human resources, accounting or marketing departments. Students can then take an informed decision regarding what they want to do in life.


Grade 11: Economics

The economics course aims at giving the students the basics in the economics field. Students should be able to understand major economic indicators such as GDP, inflation, unemployment and being able to relate them to daily events. Any of the students who might have considered pursuing an economic career would be able to take that decision after going over the major macroeconomic ideas. Students should be able to plot economic curves, draw graphs, link indicators to any economy and understand the implication of political decisions on any country’s economy.


Grade 12: History of Egypt

The course aims at giving students an in depth look into the history of their country starting from the age of the Mamluks up to the reign of Hosni Mubarak. Students will realize all the factors that helped shape our country, culture, heritage and way of thinking.


Grade12: Psychology

This course acts as an introduction to the field and study of Psychology. Students learn about the various founders of the field, as well as their theories, how the mind and body function, development, theories of personality, psychological disorders and so on. With this, the main goal of the course is to educate students on the phenomenon known as psychology which will ultimately help students to better understand themselves, the world, and people they encounter.


Grade 12: Political Science

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of political science. Students will learn to apply these concepts and theories to current events and the development of governments around the world, while also acquiring the skills needed to understand how politics affect current events and the interactions between states, citizens and governments.